Desert Dusk Botanical Fragrance

Desert Dusk Botanical Fragrance

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From Sonoran Rosie of Tucson, Arizona

A homage to the evening scents of a desert night. This gender neutral, herbal fragrance is a woody, deep, musky blend of creosote (chaparral), white sage, juniper, vetiver and amber. This long lasting all natural fragrance can be used for body, room or smudging. Desert Dusk is a nod to the moon and all creatures of the night.

Made with all natural sustainably wildcrafted plant extracts and plant based organic essential oils.
Makes a great aromatherapy, self-care tool.

Comes in a 2oz amber glass atomizer bottle.

* vegan plant based
* wildcrafted & organic ingredients
* sustainably made
* cruelty-free
* gender neutral
* handmade small batch
* hypoallergenic